Deep Cleansing Foreplay

The Sunlight gently massaged the sole of his feet. It licked his cheek and its saliva dripped from his chin. Sunlight is an insatiable beast, it leaves not a portion of the back, not a cut of the leg nor a palm of the neck untouched, everything must be sampled by its yellow tongue.

With its glistening fingers it presses onto the skin piercing the flesh, stirring the marrow of the bones. It stirs and stirs, oh it stirs until all is warm. And the heart, what it does to the heart is pornography for the pyromaniac. Eating away and slobbering its prey, the sunlight is a calm beast and with diligent patience it licks and burns its plate. It starts by the edges and works its way to the center of its dish.

This way it leaves its mark; on the shoulders and under the cavern of the eyes, brown and red finger marks. He gave his face to the sunlight and opened his mouth to eat the wind that cascaded from the corner of the trees.

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