The Hypocritical Chameleon and His Two Eyes

What is there in the neutral act of opening a door, scratching the head, cleaning the edges of the toilet after a piss? What is there in referring to your own thoughts, the deviations of a stomach fed? There is little. So you reach for nobility in the past. Or in somebody else's dreams. Somebody else's agony. You go from pale green to distorted violet.

Your egocentricity borders humane simply because humans are brought up to take care of themselves. If all is lost, all is done and all is broken, we trust no one and believe only in the reality of our minds. So you grew up trusting your mind ? Your television, your books, your philosophies, other egocentrics and your elder intellectuals. Reptiles among reptiles, you confuse the ability of dialogue with that of discourse. Your words are thin, unlike water and air, even piss has more to offer.

You pierce your own skin so you can pretend you know what it is like to be pierced by others. Your blood tastes like wine and chocolate: from all the alcohol you keep in your head and all the sugar you take in by the gulps. City child your empathy is wasted when your heart is a stone cold fortress. A fortress open for visitors, yet still in cold rooms you invite them for dinner, praising your barricaded dome. Your innocence yearns for oxygen, your mind is restless with the eternal hammering of your narrowed philosophies. 

You take a piece of your deliciously cheap bread and fantasize over the mansions you'll never have. A mansion that would look nice on your lawn. Not that you own a lawn. You are the king of left overs, you wear the shirt of higher middle class and the pants of the higher than that. Yet, you could have found them in the trash. Technology is a word derivative to magic and magic is derivative to diamonds. But all diamonds become dirty stones when you touch them. You rather wipe your ass with your hand than to deal with these burdens.

Your ignorance borders humility, two words often mistaken for one another.  How would you know? Words for you are too clumsy to handle. 


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