Potassium Permanganate

Please, come to us.
Oh show us your skin, please, please show us your skin.
Let us pick on it with our teeth, as they call it, nibble nibble just a bit.

Show us please, show us your wounds,
let us suck the blood out of your ego.

Oh let us bathe,
our hair is filled with dirt and our scalp wet with oil,
let us bathe in your warm knowledge and cleanse every pore of our body.

Yes, let your knowledge pour, pour like purple water, like in our youth we would bathe. To sooth our itch, to wash away the disease. For our ignorance is a disease and your knowledge the remedy. But your wounds are our sustenance, we will pick at them always. Even from your dried bones, we will savor the marrow. Oh and it tastes so good, like salt, like seasoning from the dishes of our mothers. We will devour your arrogance, you will fill up our bellies.

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Ericka said...


Sorta creepy. I like it.