No memories, no certainty.
Everything is foggy and desperation slowly slips away.
As it slips away, clarity begins to whisper things:

the ceiling, the light

It says.
I don’t understand, but I listen anyway.

corners, air, pictures, saliva, swallowing...taste.

I sit up, now it’s starting to make sense, these words seem to connect.
They form a line, I can pinpoint and locate them.

This isn't where I was, this is somewhere else.
Here words follow their predecessors and so do memories.
I wake up where I slept, and the empty spot beside me stays empty.
Water runs down the sink, this way cold, that way warm.
It washes my eyes. Doors open. Closet has clothes.
Nose smells armpit.

Cold, need sunlight.
Hungry, need food.
Plants, need water.

I remember these things.
What it is like when they are all out of place.
And then back again. Without meaning, then with meaning again.
Temporarily forgotten, temporarily remembered.

Dream you are awake, and awaken to memory.
When you are remembering, you are dreaming.

Living in dreams. Forgetting reality.

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