tv pirata

Won’t you come with me?
Let’s break into an old lighthouse,
invade an abandoned lot.
Let’s regain consciousness,
and delete our social lives.

Come on, let’s start a pirate broadcasting station.

Play loops of old musicals, those 80’s cartoons,
japanese horror films to keep the old folk aloof.
We should staple some flyers around the neighborhood:
“past 12 or past 9, set up your device.
Between 27 and 38.
Turn off your lights.”

Over and over and over again.
Every Tuesday night or every Saturday.
Let’s play those loops and watch the windows a blaze,
are they tuning into our ballerina dance?
She dances over and over again.

We won’t need any sound, leave it all mute,
let the kids and the lovers choose their own tunes.
Or no tunes, we don’t care. We just want to play.
Play vhs tapes that we’ve cut up all day.

They’ll forget the internet and remember those days.
Resurrect old antennas and start dreaming again.
Nobody will know, we’ll keep it down low.
In the morning we will be normal, 

yawning and all.

Let’s break into an old lighthouse,
or from your basement, I don’t care.
Let’s destroy all the evidence
of our lives before this.

Let's start broadcasting our silent remains.

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