'Monologue of the Clowns'
• for parade •
performed by the Swan Queen

I am alone and they come together.

It is alright if they start without me, the drums and the trumpets.
They will lead the parade.
So everything will be fine under blue skies once I am left behind.

Cheers and laughter will come and go,
they come and go.
We go and comb their glares
straight at us!

And no wind can ever separate them from us.

If we try too hard, the shell so hard, will crack.
But they will not.
We can try, but it is their enterprise to fly;
swiftly through the result of our awkward claps.

Claps and Claps!
All hail, they will call!
"The kings and queens will find parades a queer sight!".
If no clowns there be, then the trumpets will not lead.

Claps and Claps!

The show has begun.

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